St. Louis Classifieds

Want to buy or sell something in St. Louis?  Try classified ads!

One of the most popular places to put classified ads in St. Louis is the St. Louis Post-Dispatch or  The Post-Dispatch offers classifieds for employment, autos, real estate, merchandise, and more.

When you place a classified ad with the Post-Dispatch you can also place it in the Suburban Journals.  Private parties can post free classified ads for three days in The Post and 2 days in all 37 St. Louis Suburban Journals for free if the merchandise is under $200.  For merchandise over $200 the rates start at $29.99.  Certain classified ad categories are more expensive.  For example, real estate classified ads start at $77.90.

You can also post free classified ads on Craigslist.  Just beware of the number of e-mails you might get from scammers responding to your ad.  If your item can be shipped you might have luck auctioning your items on eBay.  It's often more affordable than selling through a newspaper classified ad.