New Busch Stadium

The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team has moved a few feet to the new Busch Stadium, where they started the 2006 Major League Baseball season.  The St. Louis Cardinals played at the old Busch Stadium from 1966 to 2005.  The final World Series championship for the Cardinals was back in 1982.

Cards fans hope the new stadium will help the Cardinals get back to the World Series. 

The new stadium will hold nearly 46,000 fans when completed.  It opened the 2006 season with partial capacity as construction continues.  Among the neatest features is the backdrop of the St. Louis arch in the background of the outfield.  In the old Busch Stadium you could only see the very top of the Gateway Arch over the top of the stadium.

The old Busch stadium was destroyed after the conclusion of the 2005 season.  Work on the new Busch Stadium had already started while the old stadium was used.  The new stadium is borded by Poplar St., Broadway, Eighth St., and Clark Street.  Fans will find the new design to offer wider concourses, more elevators and escalators, new food options, and a much more open design than the old baseball stadium.  The old stadium was known for being extremely hot on the field.

Regular tickets for the 2006 season start at $13, but most of the games are already sold out.